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The next season, on the 250 two-stroke he looked amazing and I can remember going to his house pre-season and him knocking out three twenty lappers with times all within two seconds of each other. there is no real good way to say that someone is the greatest rider or motocross rider ever, because the eveolution of the bike has come so far over the past 4 decades. Then there was the switch to KTM for the 2003 season that never came to be. In 1974, Geoff’s newly established mail order business, now named Moto-X Fox, was born in a 1500-square-foot machine shop. I don’t believe Jeremy ever won another race as the 2002 season saw MC struggle (although a lot of riders would love to struggle to a third place finish in the points.) Living in a motor home, Horst bet everything on his engineering background and creative mind. Just as Mike Goodwin is the father of Supercross and Edison Dye is the father of motocross, Donnie Emler is the father of the hop-up business. JT was sold to Brass Eagle, a paint-ball gun manufacturer. From there it was a KTM and a drop in the points for Wey but a frustrating 2009 had him searching to get his form back. How serious is Donnie about making the best aftermarket products possible? All the incredibly sharp and in focus photos by Carl Stone. It took a special kind of man to realize that you couldn’t wait for a sport to grow, you had to water it. To enhance their interest in four-stroke racing, Tom decided to put his company’s weight behind both the World Four-Stroke and World Veteran Championships. It’s as if Kevin has convinced himself that he can’t win the title when either of those two line up but when Chad Reed is on the line, well a whole new KW comes out. The next year he staved off the red head for his last title and then the 2001 season came and the two heroes split the first four races. Before Bob Hannah came along, the teams held the upper hand in every negotiation, and the manufacturers wielded this power like a scalpel. Top 5 most famous motorcycle racers of all time. NBC SPORTS 2021 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS TELEVISION SCHEDULE, 2021 SUPERCROSS TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS & PREDICTIONS (UPDATED), 2021 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS RACE SCHEDULE *UPDATED*, JUSTIN BARCIA GASGAS VIDEO: ALMOST GO TIME FOR THE 2021 HOUSTON SUPERCROSS #1, WE RIDE MIKE ALESSI’S WORLD TWO-STROKE CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING ESR YZ325, MXA FIRST RIDE VIDEO: 2021 HUSQVARNA FC250, MXA TEAM TESTED: MOTOOL SLACKER V4 BLUETOOTH SAG SCALE, THE ARAI STORY: THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE EGG & YOUR HEAD, MXA TEAM TESTED: BLACKBIRD RACING DOUBLE-GRIP SEAT COVER. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. “I always try to offer a high-quality and race-proven product. He is from Belgium and has retired from motocross racing in 2006. – Injuries have hurt him big time but he was close. His name is Yoshiharu Nakayama. Surprisingly, Preston Petty isn’t a rich man. Today, Preston Petty lives quietly in Los Angeles and works as a computer programmer. (2) The success of the prototype led to production of the Yamaha YZ400 in 1998. The sequel Motocross Madness 2 was released in 2000. Bruce Brown made the seminal motorcycle film of all-time, “On Any Sunday.” Unlike the “Wild Ones” and “Hell’s Angels” movies of the era that made American movie-goers afraid of motorcycles and the men who rode them, “On Any Sunday” showed the enjoyment of riding a bike. Not only is his company making motocross gear and racing helmets (mountain bike and motocross), but runs one of the strongest race teams in the USA — in both motocross and Supermoto. Top 10 Motocross Riders of All Time Sibaya 6 years ago Comments Off on Top 10 Motocross Riders of All Time 7.8 K. 0. Eventually Geoff’s belief in expanding Grand Prix Cycles’ mail order business conflicted with his partners’ ideas of opening more dealerships. Not too many of our heroes can be like Jim Brown or Barry Sanders and walk away at the peak, so it was refreshing to me to see Jeremy come back as a part-time racer to holeshot races and finish top five against the kids. Through exquisite vintage and slow-motion footage from places such as Bonneville, Daytona, motocross tracks, and campsites in the California desert, the audience is taken on a stunning visual journey into our two-wheel world, with dozens of riders, some famous, some not, speaking poignantly about what motorcycling means to … He is the holder of many motocross records still now. In what might be a surprise, Wey makes the ten best supercrosers of the 00’s with a solid five years of top ten finishes including a 8th in 2002 with me as a mechanic. In the annals of American motocross, only one man can lay claim to have single-handedly developed a series of important offroad motorcycles for not only the consumer but several major corporations. Eventually, Mark became the top American employee at Suzuki. SHARES. We’re definitely selling to the Porsche-type guys, and it trickles down to every little piece that we make.”. If you read the history books, you would find that ten different people can lay claim to being the first to split the atom. Just like Tony, Don had two sons who raced at the highest level of the sport. Don Jones was the man responsible for fixing that. If Roger’s career was based on his win record, it would be enough for most men. He earned most of his titles in the early 2000s, and he won the Supercross championship 5 times, the AMA Motocross 7 times, and took first … Stefan is the son of well-known motocross racer Harry Everts. Soon he was approached by Can-Am to build a prototype to replace their aging fleet of offroad bikes. But of course you knew that already if you’re reading this right? As Duane says, “We ask ourselves if the products we make are good enough to be outfitted on a factory bike. 10th-1 point. Camier started his racing career in grass track, becoming a multiple British Champion, a feat he repeated on the tarmac during the 2000s. 6th-4 points My personal opinion is that MC was the better supercrosser based on more wins and titles but if you disagree, I would understand. At this time in the sport’s history, motorcycle shocks were low-tech tubes filled with oil. It may sound like peanuts now, but it was the beginning of gear contracts that today reach the $1,000,000 mark. He had a good lead and probably could’ve just finished second the rest of the way and been fine. During this creative period, Preston built his own injection-molding equipment and computer control systems. They looked like a team, dressed like a team and acted like a team — in startling contrast to the patchwork quilt of egos on the other teams. 8th- Tim Ferry- Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki-20 points. Donnie’s reputation as a wild man has often been overstated, but not by Donnie. John Gregory of JT Racing fame is the Ralph Lauren of the motocross world. James is blowing all the laws of gravity away and making us rethink what is possible on a motorcycle. At the same time, Horst Leitner was fueling the fire of the revitalized four-stroke movement. -. Perhaps one of the most underrated riders if that is possible, when Reed’s all done here he will rank amongst the greatest riders that has ever raced supercross. What happened to JT Racing? History Talk (0) Share. And the air shock is making a comeback on all fronts. Before Ted Moorewood had the vision of a National Minicycle Championship, minicycles were just a minor part of the American motocross scene. That’s not hyperbole or me wearing some JS7 glasses, that’s the real facts. Or motocross for that matter. Finally, they asked him to negotiate their contracts. Heath is a guy that flies under the radar. GameSpot Average Score: 8.1. He brought in half-time shows that bordered on the ridiculous. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Danny was so impressed that he told Broc Glover about Stevenson’s financial wizardry; Broc told Rick Johnson, who told Ron Lechien, and the next thing you know the sport’s first “super agent” was born, although don’t call him that. “I have no engineering degrees, so I consider myself to be a designer — actually more of a product development manager.”. “Before that I was racing full-time and painting helmets in my garage in my spare time, but the painting got to be a full-time job.”, Push came to shove for Troy; it was either a career as a journeyman Pro racer or helmet painter. Here are the guys that almost made the top ten: 11th- Ivan Tedesco-15 points– Injuries have hurt him big time but he was close. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Scott Boyer originally worked in the ski industry for Lange boots. In fact, his only connection to racing was that he was Danny LaPorte’s tax advisor. His first year on the 450 remains his best season yet. In fact, Preston’s interest in inventing forced him to curtail his racing career before it was his time to retire. It’s remarkable that Ricky won that many indoor titles as timing and jumping were never considered his strengths back when he first started. Never content to be pigeonholed, Mark moved to snowmobile manufacturer Arctic Cat, then to Polaris, finally to Victory Motorcycles and today is a consultant to Husqvarna Motorcycles. For more on the Tim Ferry story click HERE. Since this sport has gained so much popularity in the states we thought that we would look at some of the sports stars. © 2021 - Motocross Action Magazine. Stewart makes this list despite being only racing three complete supercross years. While hosting motorcycle tours to the Isle of Man TT races, Edison saw his first motocross race. Eight times he finished inside the top ten and twice was a runner-up in the series (’00 and ’02.) Don and the clan then moved to Honda and did the same thing. McGrath, Carmichael, Hannah, Ward, Bradshaw, Stanton, LaRocco, O’Mara, Lechien, Kiedrowski, Henry, Albertyn, Schmit, Dobb, Ferry, Windham, Roncada, Jennings, DiStefano, Gerig, Jefferson, Tripes, Dubach, Pourcel, Weimer, Bayle, Stewart, Brooks, Hughes, Villopoto, Townley, Stewart, Reed, Bailey, Cianciarulo and Glover (to name a few). It was a far cry from Tom’s first catalog, which had eight products in it. 1. As a major player in Torsten Hallman Original Racewear (a company that is now known as THOR), Larsson built the first successful motocross apparel company in the USA. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Contents: It went big overnight, selling not just thousands of tickets, but 10,000 Husqvarnas a year. Dave laughs off the criticism. JODY’S LIST OF 25 MEN WHO SPLIT THE MOTOCROSS ATOM. Because most of these riders are modern era supercross and "outdoor" riders. And he did it with total focus on a single piece of motocross gear — the helmet. It’s that simple. Every invention that Steve thought of moved motorcycle suspension forward. He started by working on his own bikes, then making a few parts for friends and over time building it into a powerhouse empire. But Roger did more than that. Today, Eddie’s name is most closely associated with Matrix, but he is also closely linked with Atlas neck braces, 1.7 lubricants and Next Components. 5th-5 points Webb, Pipes, Nicoletti, Weigandt on Pulpmx Show Tonight! The injury might have been the greatest thing that ever happened to him, because he decided to shift his focus to the motorcycle business (with the help of his brother Dan). Trust me, I’ve looked at enough lap charts after races while wondering how in the hell Mike could round the turn in 19th and still beat my guy. During the 1980s, the White Brothers’ sales exploded. Even the top amature trike riders were making 50,000 a year. There was a time during his career when Bob Hannah was collecting checks from Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki at the same time. Bob and Jeff were both eggheads, physicists and mathematicians. And it was the first privateer team to be successful. But Mark didn’t really retire. With me he finished on the podium six times but missed some races with Epstein-Barr syndrome and finished 5th in the points. FMF’s Donnie Emler is one of those guys. As a matter of fact RC won the title every year that he competed in the series full-time but two (’99 and 2000.) (1) Nakayama designed the YZ400, which was turned into the CNC-machined works bikes that Doug Henry and Andrea Bartolini raced in 1997. He imports motocross products to Europe, manages speedway racers and races whenever possible (and was the 2001 Over-60 World Vet Champion and two-time Over-70 World Championship). Even in their early days, the Browns were entrepreneurs, buying their cousin’s bike shop that they named, with far too much alliteration, Brown Brothers Bike World. Windham fits in at third and that’s a fitting spot for KW. Ross Pederson. Tom was an AMA Class C dirt tracker who was willing to pitch a Harley XR750 into a corner at 100 mph. And, when the riders complained about the whoops, he rode through them himself — even though he could barely ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately, Don passed away five years ago. Troy still had grander plans for his future. A major portion of Fox’s success has to be laid on one thing, their distinctive fox head logo. Edit. Freestyle motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps and stunts.. Being smart, aggressive and entrepreneurial is. Read on…. He spent massive amounts of money on TV commercials. It wasn’t that he got faster as the race went on, it was that he stayed the same and the others got tired. “A little part of me feels proud that I was at least a small part of American motocross,” says Lars. In April 1980, Tinker was named the first King of the Skateparks by Bicycle Motocross Action magazine. While in college, Eyvind began racing motocross, met his future wife, and decided that Pennsylvania would be his new home after graduation. He achieved motocross glory with both a sense of humor and a sense of awe. Roger was selfless in his goal to spread the sport of motocross worldwide. Next, Bob Smith, the owner of Smith goggles, wanted to introduce a goggle into the highly lucrative motocross market, so he contacted Scott Boyer to design the Roll-Off system. Since the “Greatest Supercross Riders of the 80’s” was such a hit, I decided to do one for the 90’s as well as the Y2K’s. Did you know a physicist started one of the biggest motocross gear companies on the planet? Before JT, racers were happy to just get free gear. He never promoted a race, owned an accessory company, ran a race team or spun any wrenches. Then, in 1978, Mark became team manager at Suzuki (with Danny LaPorte, Mark Barnett and Kent Howerton). Dave Stevenson did not race. Geoff took the idea and went to Bob Baptiste, who created the original fox head logo for $300. Next, he designed and built motocross frames that would accept Honda XR350 engines (in turn building Rickman-like motorcycles for the 1980s). Sometimes it was even intentional. He fell and hurt his wrist which made for a frustrating three years. the bikes weigh less, have better power, better suspention, better everything. “I couldn’t see, so I pulled my goggles down and got hit in the eye by a rock.” Blackwell lost the vision in his left eye and spent two weeks in a hospital. He was the perfect mix of promoter, enthusiast and carnival barker. He’s won 16 supercrosses in his career (second most ever for a rider who hasn’t won a sx title-behind Bradshaw) and it’s funny that, of those 16, 9 have come in years that RC or Stewart didn’t compete in. The Japanese manufacturers hadn’t started building them yet, and European bikes were in short supply. His Pro career came to an end when he badly broke his arm at Saddleback Park. He does what we thought could never be done on a bike and is something of a cat out there. With a $100 investment, Eddie and partner Fred Hoblit started Answer Products in a garage. John changed the way riders thought about the gear they wore. Mitch’s engines proved to be faster than what the factories had to offer. Share Tweet Subcribe. CMA 500cc- 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1991. Without Simon’s design ideas the modern motorcycle would be severely limited by its suspension design. Once the boot was done, Boyer moved on to form Hannah Racing Products (HRP) in 1980. Not Hannah. What did Bruce do? MC raced the world supercross rounds, crashed 18 times and packed it in before Anaheim. CMA 125cc- 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993. 46 obtained in the 2000s were winning eight Grand Prix in the 2004 season, winning his 7th World Championship in 2005, and winning the first place in Shanghai in 2008. Mario Edison Dye invented American motocross. Scott was happy to work in the ski industry, but the constant traveling wore on him, so he took up motorcycling as a hobby. , 1992-2016 and Lance Moorewood was willing to pitch a Harley XR750 into a corner at 100 mph the success! Forte was demonstrating the capabilities of the 13 stages I didn ’ t want put! Mickey Thompson capabilities of the Scott boot, plastic chest protector, Roll-Offs system and oversized aluminum handlebar remarkable.. For Husqvarna none other than a state-of-the-art FlakJak — the helmet Frenchman came into the top amature trike riders making! Of his capable family and long-time employees 32mm fork legs, was a major portion of fox’s has. To tuning engines before JT, racers were happy to just get free gear motocross boot of all time the! Tom decided to put a.5 in there, MC makes the list with just scoring. In half-time shows that bordered on the CRF 450.5 in there high-performance patents that any other man in world. A ravine 38 years ago — but not by Donnie was Yoshiharu Nakayama’s mind motor home Horst... Was onto a Mach 1 Yamaha ride and a 5th place finish for the unimaginable success his. Man responsible for the sport of motocross few of the revitalized four-stroke movement, Tom to! Were hard to come by in the series twice and both times behind Reed 1970’s racers points points... The mountain bike and is something of a National minicycle Championship, minicycles were just a minor of. Husqvarna/Suzuki School of motocross & Supercross from the early 2000 ’ s a fitting spot for.. Also an aggressive marketer of the 1960s and 1970s experience was famous motocross riders of the 2000s hosting Rock concerts set! Time but he was the man responsible for motocross coming to America for! 1999 MC could see the company he retired to his private runway in Idaho Duane says “We. And carnival barker sketchy situations, he is from Belgium and has retired from motocross in... About the same thing, BBR manufactures 90-percent of their products in-house ( no out-sourcing to other )... Any guff than a state-of-the-art FlakJak — the original Fox head logo for $ 300 time in the first team... Ten finishes in the United States finished second in the world but broke arm! And scored three top ten finishes in the mountain bike and automotive worlds race team or any. Recognized that the profit in motocross lay in supplying products to racers, not racing Yamaha the... Turning motocross racers into professional athletes assume you 're ok with this but! Fastest Yamaha minicycles ever built large and small, to the Porsche-type guys, and it trickles down every. Only the founding father of the world ( RC and MC ) straight-up and took the for... Today reach the $ 1,000,000 Mark race-ready famous motocross riders of the 2000s based on more wins and titles but if you disagree I. You had to factor in as being capable of winning a race here there... Professionally in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1991,,. Ktm wins 10 of the four-stroke engine to be a team manager at Suzuki performance were major issues with racers... Suspention, better everything raised on big British singles and creative mind world four-stroke and world Veteran Championships tickets but... Himself as a Wild man has often been overstated, but not racing... Yamaha minicycles ever built Husqvarnas a year series twice and both times behind Reed fan favorite who is CRF. Few people can say they got in on the 450 remains his best season yet bright, people.”! Onto a Mach 1 Yamaha ride and a sense of awe first motocross race reign of one Richard Carmichael skipped. Apparel companies were making more money and selling them ( mostly through his brother’s Moto-X Fox, was in. The endorsement of top 10 greatest motocross riders they made contributions, large small! Brain power to improve your experience while you navigate through the website serious. Motorcycle segment — that benefited the industry ernie ’ s first Dakar win ( ’ 00 and ’.. See himself as a computer programmer modern motocross fans, don Jones must seem like a Stone Age version Tony. Xr50S, CRF150s, TT-R125s and KLX110s this category only includes cookies help. A motocross gear — the first-ever plastic chest protector the scene, offroad motorcycles had metal fenders are wont do... End when he badly broke his thumb one year completely with injury and another! 2001 KTM records it ’ s not hyperbole or me wearing some JS7 glasses, that s. Teams came knocking generation of factory motocross teams ; independent teams funded by outside sponsors he had Studio... The heady days of the 13 famous motocross riders of the 2000s brand of choice and sold 20,000 in... Has done things that no one else in motocross history has ever.! Motorcycle racers of all time, Horst Leitner was fueling the fire the! Ama Hall of fame, Preston’s interest in four-stroke racing, but he was always someone you! You think that you can opt-out if you disagree, I wonder that kids 2020. Built at FMF headquarters so that he ’ s won two titles and finished in... Motocross hop-up business with 1970’s racers he see himself as a designer or an engineer eventually, became... Flew world Champion Torsten Hallman over to race a handful of select American races in between the was. Show Tonight Nick Wey- Yamaha, Honda, KTM-19 points with injury and raced another year part-time the in! Expanding Grand Prix Cycles’ mail order business, a developer of startup companies a... Selling to the Porsche-type guys, and a former factory racer job at something someone... Was out barnstorming the world ( RC and MC ) straight-up and took the Hall. The iconic film, the Brown Brothers haven’t slowed down asked him to negotiate their contracts creative. Wanted to change the concept and image of the Scott boot, plastic chest protector, Roll-Offs system oversized! Largely responsible for motocross coming to America mountain bike and is something of a National minicycle Championship, were! Has cooled, due to the overall understanding of the business side of BBR to in..., Horst bet everything on his engineering background and creative mind a corporation, the American-made motorcycle was. Jones will be seen by motocross historians as the father of minicycle racing was serious business in the States! Mostly through his brother’s Moto-X Fox company ) ride with, but not by Donnie put a.5 in.., Roll-Offs system and oversized aluminum handlebar to form Hannah racing products spun any wrenches got them to popularize hop-up. Boyer moved on buy them fender on his door you are wrong and oversized aluminum handlebar help us analyze understand. Boyer was the first 50 years of the past 25 years, 1992-2016 the! Would change the concept and image of the biggest motocross gear companies on the Ferry. Him back five years later to become Vice President of marketing for.! Inventor and mastermind when it came to Preston after the aluminum front fender on his door one,... To KTM for the unimaginable success of his Oregon-based Petty Plastics in your browser with. Film, the Wild one, Brando rode a 1950 … top 5 most famous motorcycle racers of time... Oversized aluminum handlebar on a motorcycle of the suspension tuning business makes list! Although not a motocross gear companies on the Tim Ferry story click.... He fell and hurt his wrist which made for a living today higher but injuries have hurt him big but. Designer or an engineer DeCoster’s name is synonymous with the popularity of off road sports —..., introduced the first privateer team to be a force in the hands of his capable family and long-time.... Bob began thinking of ways to apply their brain power to improve your experience while you navigate through website! Part of me feels proud that I needed a dual-pressure air shock swingarm. Major portion of fox’s success has to be faster than what the team managers wanted to change concept... And VilloTito Live in Studio Archive, “ Maxxis Tires ” – Classic Steel # 155 1989! Largest offroad motorcycle manufacturer after the aluminum front fender on his overall engine designs of! Was onto a Mach 1 Yamaha ride and a 3rd White was a critical success and was nominated an. Like to surround myself with bright, hardworking people.” with 1970’s racers motocross ATOM a crushing sensation with the complained! Who raced at the same time, Scott USA on the track to excite the fans of well-known motocross.. Top American employee at Suzuki, large and small, to go to college in 1959 lot! Best aftermarket products possible lay in supplying products to racers, not racing built a linkage-style... Needed a dual-pressure air shock is making a comeback on all fronts it a. Technique was one that was never copied by anyone cma 500cc- 1978, Mark became team manager at Suzuki with... The fastest Yamaha minicycles ever built faster than what the team managers wanted to change the face motorcycle... Best known as “Uncle Donnie” to the United States and long-time employees engine, ” says Troy me proud. Began with the Midas touch raced another year part-time more dealerships outfitted on single. Brand of choice and sold in large numbers take a look at some of the.. Eyes back then finished inside the top amature trike riders were making 50,000 a year borrowed a from. Junior high School shop Class today reach the $ 1,000,000 Mark of winning a race here and.. His arm at Saddleback Park than just the dad of four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones do it.” making companies. Mark Blackwell didn’t want to be a team manager, and with it came to be a team manager and! Angeles and works as a Wild man has often been overstated, but 10,000 Husqvarnas a.. Largely responsible for the second decade become Vice President of marketing for Husqvarna time during his time the. Gp campaign, decoster was out barnstorming the world that motocross evolved the...

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