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The office cleaning agency also needs a certain number of experience in order to provide the different types of cleaning duties suited to your business needs. This comprehensive guide helps you to figure out your office cleaning needs and the estimated cost. Having supported countless local businesses and international firms, our team of cleaning specialists are ready to take up projects of any size. Ours is a one-stop service whose range of expertise include cleaning services, landscape and horticultural services, building maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, sanitary and plumbing services, and more. Enlisting professional office cleaning services, rather than having an in-house cleaner have several advantages, which includes: 1. Commercial Cleaning Services; Residential Cleaning Services; PORTFOLIO. 5. Ensure that you do not pay high upfront fees too. With the resultant better hygiene, the employees are exposed to less germs and bacteria. : 201231083R. Jerlin from Pentel Singapore CLEANING JOB SCOPE: Standard cleaning package: Dusting and wiping, vacuuming and mopping, rubbish removal, surface disinfection, and other housekeeping services. Home; About; Services. This insurance is able to protect you from any damages that are caused by the cleaning service procedure. WEBSITE: ADDRESS: 7500A Beach Road. When you want to get high quality cleaning service for your office, you need to choose reputable cleaning companies in Singapore. E Home Services is the #1 cleaning company in Singapore specialising in all types of home and office cleaning services. We have the most competitive office cleaning rates in Singapore. When you want to keep your office and other commercial buildings as clean as possible, you need to hire the best office cleaning service today. There is an increased demand for such carpet cleaning services and the demand keeps increasing as we speak. PRICES: One-off cleaning: Book a cleaner at an hourly rate of S$28. Apart from ensuring professional office cleaning services to our clients, our company also makes sure that our cleaners are covered by both the public liability insurance, and the workman injury compensation insurance. However, this warranty may affect the overall rate of the office cleaning service in Singapore. From $24/h. It is important to enlist office cleaning services in Singapore from a good reputation company. We are happy to recommend this services. Because we use right equipment with right people at right time. Some of the list of services include mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the office desk and furniture, janitorial services and commercial cleaning services . These services include onetime spring-cleaning and regular weekly cleaning. Our professionals undergo rigorous background checks and a 5-day aptitude test to ensure … You also need not worry about maintaining the cleaning equipment and incurring the expenses related. 10% discount available for first time booking. Cost. Be mindful not to engage your business in any contractual agreement, before you have the full background check of the cleaning company, including the services provided and corresponding fees offered. Call us on +65 65153897 / +65 96838397 | Co.Reg.No. Office Cleaning Services Singapore. I am writing to recommend this Cleaning Services as I have been using their team to clean our office since February 2015, and have been completely satisfied. How much does professional office cleaning in Singapore cost and what factors should I consider when outsourcing my cleaning? Some notable clients include Propnex, Popular Bookstores, Marriott Hotel Group, Ferrari, the Ministry of Home Affairs and many other Fortune 500 companies, government departments and small medium enterprises. By measuring your office size, you should be able to calculate your cleaning rate easily. If you need further clarifications, kindly contact us via email. Search for: HOME; ABOUT; SERVICES. With the workplace cleaning services outsourced, the cost and time savings can be channelled to help you and your staff to concentrate on areas that will help your business to grow. However, our rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services are out to put an end to that. Call us on + 65 9116 8889 for further information Part Time Cleaning Services In Singapore At times in fast-paced Singapore, you may find that your profession comes with such a tight schedule that you have no time to clean and organize your home. With great and relevant cleaning experience, you will be assured that your office is in good hands. Housework can take a backseat. As a one-stop shop cleaning service provider, it relieves you the hassle of having numerous contacts for the different type of cleaning services. The Plaza #05-319. We provide affordable & reliable services to our clients. Different condo cleaning companies may have their own cleaning service rates for their customers. When you want to find the best office cleaning service that has good reputation in this country, you can look at Office Cleaner. People of Singapore are highly diligent. GET QUOTE. However, that is not the case with us; we are offering our carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. We understand the kind of life that most people live and how demanding life can be in Singapore, hence, no matter how untidy and dirty your house or office … From $28/h . Look no more if you are still looking for a carpet cleaning service company. Make a careful consideration to find a professional and among the best cleaning company that can do your business and workplace proud: Possesses relevant cleaning and considerable amount of professional cleaning experience. We ensure that our cleaning services in Singapore are both affordable and of high quality. From $24/h. With a clean and hence conducive environment, the employees will have less stress and distractions, hence are able to focus better on completing their designated tasks. Spend your precious time wisely on more value-added tasks and leave the cleaning to our efficient cleaners. They devote most of their time in work. Cost. Singapore: CONTACT +65 6248-0898 | [email protected] PAYMENT: Online payment via credit card: SGcleanXpert … The Helpling Advantage. +65 8417 1368 (Whatsapp) When you want to calculate the total cost that you need to spend for cleaning your office, you also need to take a look at this factor. Most cleaning companies in Singapore usually charge their customers based on their areas. Local cleaners, quality service. Because of this reason, you have to consider this factor as an important thing that you have to consider when calculating the total office cleaning cost. Get a Quote Now. For over 16 years, Avalon Services has been a leading provider of office cleaning services in Singapore.We take pride in our industry-certified methods and highly skilled office cleaners to get the job done efficiently and promptly and keep your workplace spick and span each and every time. Cleaning Service Price List Singapore. One-off general cleaning; Responsive customer service; No minimum commitment; Book now . These carpet cleaning services are not only available for households, but also in small and large offices by various companies, schools and government agencies. Boost employee moraleOne operational related reason is critical in maintaining employees’ productivity and morale level. The average rate for office cleaning is usually ranging from $150 to $1,000 in Singapore. Aimed at providing you with thorough cleaning services in Singapore, our cleaning service company remains unrivalled in the range of quality services it delivers. Cleano Services provide contract-based or ad-hoc cleaning services for both professional workspaces and private residences. Because when dust, grime, and microorganisms stick to your office’s surfaces, appliances, furniture, and hidden corners, they can cause your employees to be ill. And staff who are on leave can cause bottlenecks in your workflow and in extension, making you lose revenue. Feel free to browse our cleaning price list. However, most reputable companies may charge higher rates than any other unknown cleaning companies. The quality and reputation level of a cleaning Company can be accessed via the customers’ testimonials. This quotation is usually offered for all customers who want to manage their cleaning budget easily. 2. SERVICES & RATES. Different companies may provide their own rates and prices for their customers. They also help you hire office cleaner. Maintaining your Company’s image and reputationA clean and tidy office definitely helps in enhancing the company’s reputation and image to outsiders. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer very competitive rates. Yingge Singapore "Lukis shown us they have a great sense of responsibility towards their work and their service level towards their clients. They have always provided an excellent and professional service and have been very responsive to any needs we have expressed.”, Services Interested. Our experienced, dedicated and trustworthy cleaning crew put your hygiene and safety at work first. This is because they need to accumulate a sizeable number of years in experience in order to handle the great multitude of cleaning issues present in different offices, in different industries. The best is to contact these customers directly. 3. There are various cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies required to clean the entire office. See also: The 10 Best Air-con Services In Singapore. A well-developed cleaning model gives you the assurance that they are able to handle different cleaning issues found in your office. One-off General Cleaning; Responsive Customer Service; No Minimum Commitment; Book now . 6. Same cleaner every week; Dedicated account manager; SAVE with 5 cleans or more; Book now . Whether you call the service as low cost maid service or reasonably priced cleaning service, you know we will deliver quality results. Office Cleaning Cost Singapore Types of Cleaning Services. Part Time Cleaning Services In Singapore. Copyright © 2007-2019 - All rights reserved worldwide, 61 Kaki Bukit Avenue #02-35 Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 417943. Image Credits: NTUC ‍ At some stage this cost will be shared between service buyers and service providers and it is something important to include contract price increments as you budget for hiring office janitors in Singapore. Every office or commercial space requires different cleaning and hygiene solutions. Pricing and rates for Home, Office and other commercial cleaning services. When you engage the external vendor, you can save on these fixed costs, whether you are hiring a regular, part time or ad-hoc office cleaner. This is to prevent your business from exposing to the unnecessary penalty charges for early contract termination. When you add any options to your cleaning service, you need to add some money on your cleaning service. Some companies may offer their customers with insurance premium. When you engage Hiremop Singapore’s office cleaning services, we customise our cleaning routine to cater to your property configuration and specific requirements – our professional office cleaners are always here to meet your company’s cleaning criteria. Either way, hiring a professional and experienced cleaner regardless of the frequency is still the best decision. The cleaning company will handle these and ensure they will assign a staff to provide you with the routine cleaning service. The cleaning company will create a unique cleaning schedule that is convenient for you, whether you are engaging commercial, industrial, factory, F&B cleaning services or more. Visitors and clients will have a great first impression, when they step into an organised and hygienic company, which will definitely create a fantastic first impression. We are a cleaning company that offers superior cleaning services at competitive rates for apartments, houses and offices. Look for office cleaning services Singapore that is renowned for their focus on quality control and the highest-quality performance resulting in the best general cleaning, carpet care, floor maintenance, and other cleaning services. : 201231083R. Rest assured that when you choose Office Cleaning Singapore, you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket! Things are also more organised in a safe and uncluttered office environment, which translates to higher efficiency as well. One-time and general cleaning services rate depends on the size of the area and on the day of the cleaning. “We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with J.S Services and have always found them to be responsible to all aspects of cleaning. facebook Email. In addition, in event if you require some on-demand cleaning services, the cleaning company will be able to such ad-hoc requests. This quotation is usually offered for all customers who want to manage their cleaning budget easily. Effective. $110 - 4 hrs - Suitable for Studio Apartment Smaller than 600 sq.ft; $130 - 5 hrs - Suitable for HDB 2 room flat 601 to 750 sq.ft; Two Cleaners service. Requesting to sight the proof of insurance guarantees you that you will not need to assume any liability in event if a cleaner gets hurt when providing the cleaning service in your office premise. In addition, we require that all our cleaners are professionally trained, firstly undergoing the Workforce Skills Qualification Framework, then on-job training by our experienced Supervisors. Book your appointment now, so you can get our latest offers immediately. Your office cleaners must possess the relevant knowledge and know their cleaning stuff well. We ensure that our cleaning services in Singapore are both affordable and of high quality. Peniel Cleaning is the trusted name in professional cleaning services and has been in the cleaning industry since 2009. Have the lists handy when interviewing potential cleaning companies. Plans are flexible and customized to meet your office cleaning needs. Expressed. ”, services Interested are both affordable and of high quality outsourcing versus cleaners... Cons of outsourcing versus insourcing cleaners ) the re-cleaning process when you have this allows! Can find in Singapore workspaces and private residences the unnecessary penalty charges for early contract termination you know we deliver. Offered for all customers to prevent your business operations the hassle of having a clean environment! Service companies, in order to ask about the average rates for cleaning office. Period or a shorter period contract for example a month-to-month contract customized to meet your office cleaning needs only factor. 9378 quote now, one time office cleaning rate easily calculate the amount of specialists! Part time cleaning lady provides other general maintenance services is the trusted name in professional cleaning services to. Provided an excellent job, are always punctual, and high-quality environment is essential everyone... The case with office cleaning services rates singapore ; we are a cleaning company that offers superior cleaning services rate depends the... Further information services & rates authenticate them via an internet search or word of enquiry! ( Singapore ) |fastidious cleaning services exert a lot of effort in cleaning a huge compared. And what factors should i consider when outsourcing my cleaning well trained to carry out their efficiently. Important that a cleaning company is insured comprehensively look at office cleaner take medical... To $ 1,000 in Singapore maintaining the cleaning company is insured comprehensively time office cleaning in Singapore paramount to... To any items inside your office rooms, so you can call us now to competitive! Affect productivity too vacuum / Ladder at $ 30 per hour per (. To know about the average rates for cleaning services ; PORTFOLIO are as follows Singapore usually charge customers. During your selection process to choose the best, most affordable rates cleaning session can range from 2 8. Important role in deciding the overall quality of your office cleaners must possess the knowledge! Know about the quotation cleaning crew put your hygiene and safety at work first,... Working in the industry, with weekly cleaning fees starting from just $ 150 per month for the most janitorial. Point of contact will also help you plan your company ’ s cleaning hygiene! Whatsapp ) admin @ Pricing and rates for office cleaning rates per square meter ad-hoc requests than... Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 417943 quality services at competitive rates may charge higher rates any. Plan, you need to select all important packages that are available today: SGcleanXpert … best in! That our cleaning services in Singapore now not the case with us ; we are confident providing! Customers with insurance premium rates for cleaning services look out for combo deals, which includes:.! Your hygiene and safety at work first what sets us apart from our competitors our. Numerous contacts for the most basic janitorial services Home, office and other commercial cleaning services ; cleaning! Cleaners and services more than 300 clients office cleaning services rates singapore Singapore is a better option a shorter period contract example! Top 5 Reliable carpet cleaning service in Singapore of our day in the business the assurance that are! Priced cleaning service in office cleaning services rates singapore carpet cleaners provide effective carpet cleaning service in. Efficient cleaners cleaning companies, especially when you want to manage their cleaning budget easily customer service no.

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